Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Murdered Sleep

Last year, I went with my friend Shana to a performance of Sleep No More. Sleep No More is an immersive theatre production of a film noir version of Macbeth, staged in New York's McKittrick Hotel. It is the most extraordinary work of art I have ever witnessed, and it reshaped the way I think about stories. I could not have worked on A Thousand Natural Shocks had I not gone to Sleep No More. 

Earlier this year, my friend Erin made a comment on twitter about a traveling party. That comment turned my thoughts back to the world of immersive theatre, and I wondered about a party where everyone wore masks.

That was the seed of "Murdered Sleep," out today at Apex Magazine. I am so proud to be appearing in the pages of Apex again, and I think it's a wonderful home for my story about masks and murder, the Hounds of Hell, a ghost octopus, and dreams.

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