Monday, December 17, 2012

"There was blood on the stage"

Over the weekend, I sold a short story, "Stage Blood," to Subterranean Press. I'm very happy about this.

I'm particularly happy, because wow, was this a tricky one to write. I'd been wanting to write a story about a magician for a little over a year, ever since a particularly memorable dinner at World Fantasy 2011. But the pieces never quite fit. Once they did, I wrote a draft that was just spectacularly wrong. I mean, so wrong that my revision consisted of starting over from scratch. (Thank goodness for beta readers who tell you, in the kindest way possible, that you have completely fucked up.)

The nice thing about a revision where you throw the story away and start over from the beginning is that it makes you decide whether you really have a story worth telling. I did, and I'm glad I finally got it right. (And I'm very grateful to the people who helped me get it there.) I can't wait for you to read it.