Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A manifesto to myself

Be braver.

Think about the art that inspires you. Words, music, movement, sculpture, images. It's not safe. It's not ordinary. It pushes right up against the edge of disaster. 

Do that.

The people who make the art that matters to you, they get criticized. They are not perfect. Sometimes they are not even likable. Worry less about being liked. Worry more about failing, because you were worried about being liked. If no one says you're doing it wrong, you're not doing anything that matters.


Matter to yourself. 

Dream bigger.

Scare yourself. If you're not afraid of what you're doing, pick a different project. 

Fail. Fail better.

Make art.

Be braver.


  1. I think I'm too afraid of what I'm doing... but I'll keep trying.

  2. I love this. It's the pushing forward that is hard. Creating and making art in a a business world is difficult.

    Bravery is needed.

  3. Love this manifesto.

    It goes perfectly with Chuck Wendig's "Art Harder."

  4. This is great. Writers need to be re-inspired in certain moments.
    It is hard to keep going when it seems few appreciate the craft of creativity. Good to see some understand this need for personal therapy.