Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stories! Updates!

I'm currently immersed in a largish sort of revision (by largish, I mean where The Thing that happened in the final 60 pages of the previous draft now happens in the first 100 of the new version. Whee!) It's intense, but I'm happy with the work. 

It also means I'm unlikely to be blogging soon on any sort of substantive, thoughtful topic because the revision is like a word-vampire, sucking them all out for its own.

However, if you want words, I have them for you! Three recently released stories!

Do you like ghosts and vengeance and toxic relationships, seasoned with a dash of poetry? Then check out "Dreaming Like a Ghost" over at Nightmare. 

Perhaps you'd like a novella, set in a New York where Furies walk the streets and Medea and Odin and Baba Yaga all go to the same party and also there are oracular bees? Then you might like "Hath No Fury" in the Spring issue of Subterranean

Or maybe you like myth and weaving and fate, in which case let me direct you to "A Different Fate" in Lightspeed. You can also listen to the audio version of this one, which is pretty cool.

Also! If you like behind the scenes glimpses, I did author spotlight interviews for Nightmare and Lightspeed. It was fun to talk about the pieces behind the stories. And speaking of behind the scenes, a huge thank you to my Mom, for helping me with the title for "Hath No Fury."

Finally! I have a few openings for critique and mentoring clients. Interested in working together to improve a specific story or novel, or want writing help in general? Here's an entry from earlier this year with some details. Please get in touch - I'd love to work with you.

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