Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stories and where you can find them

I'm delighted to have a story in the brand new issue of Interfictions. The entire issue is well worth checking out - interesting fiction, poetry, and nonfiction articles.  My short story is called "To Hold the Mirror." The seed of it was first planted in my brain by a mention of solitary bees on last year's Elementary finale. This is the bee that appears in my story - I think it's very beautiful. The other interesting and nonspoilery thing you might like to know is that the Silver Swan of John Joseph Merlin is a real thing, and it is spectacular.

Speaking of John Josephs, I am also very pleased to announce that my short story, "Locally Grown, Organic," will appear in a forthcoming anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, Help Fund My Robot Army & Other Improbable Crowd Funding Projects. You can read "Help Fund My Robot Army!!!" the story that inspired this anthology, here.


  1. Now I have to go back to France to see this Silver Swan. *shakes fist at Kat*

  2. Sometimes I wish Steampunk was a real thing ... apart from being a real thing, I mean! :D

  3. this is a brilliant tale of the wonder of art conjured with words, love the links to to the solitary bee's petal nest and the wonder of the silver swan automaton thank you! (Just came over after reading your story in Interfictions.)