Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Looking for feedback on your writing? I can help

How can I help you with your writing, you ask? Well, I'm so glad you did.

I offer two kinds of services. The first, critique, is most helpful to you if you have finished your project. It doesn't need to be perfect - I don't expect it to be - but it should be in some state that you call "done." What kind of project? Just about any. Short story, novella, novel. Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance. Whatever. Even nonfiction - I've taught writing at the undergraduate and graduate level, and to law students. We can work something out. 

I provide feedback on structure, plot, character, worldbuilding, general information flow. If you have specific questions - "Do my female characters read as actual people?" "Were the fight scenes clear?" - I'll answer those, too. I don't line edit you, but my feedback is very detailed.

The second kind of service is mentoring. Do you want feedback on your novel in progress? Do you have a project that is in some state of hot mess? Is there a specific part of your writing you're looking to improve? Do you have some writing-related thing that you want to work on, but that I haven't listed? This is the service for you.

Why should you work with me? Well, I've taught writing in some form or other since 2001. As I said above, I've taught at the university and law school level. I've also taught online courses for LitReactor. I'm a writer myself, and my work has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, been in Best of and Year's Best anthologies, as well as a number of magazines. My current and former clients have made professional sales, gotten into Clarion, and signed with agents.

In both cases, rates and turnaround times are project specific. Please contact me at with any questions, or for any further details.

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