Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The End of the Sentence

I have a book out! Last summer, Maria Dahvana Headley and I cowrote The End of the Sentence, and it's now available. Why might you want it? Well, here's the description:

It begins with a letter from a prisoner…

As he attempts to rebuild his life in rural Oregon after a tragic accident, Malcolm Mays finds himself corresponding with Dusha Chuchonnyhoof, a mysterious entity who claims to be the owner of Malcolm's house, jailed unjustly for 117 years. The prisoner demands that Malcolm perform a gory, bewildering task for him. As the clock ticks toward Dusha's release, Malcolm must attempt to find out whether he's assisting a murderer or an innocent. The End of the Sentence combines Kalapuya, Welsh, Scottish and Norse mythology, with a dark imagined history of the hidden corners of the American West.

Maria Dahvana Headley and Kat Howard have forged a fairytale of ghosts and guilt, literary horror blended with the visuals of Jean Cocteau, failed executions, shapeshifting goblins, and magical blacksmithery. In Chuchonnyhoof, they've created a new kind of Beast, longing, centuries later, for Beauty.
Very exciting, right? And October is an excellent month for ghost stories.
The ebook is available right now, and the gorgeous hardcover will be shipping in mid-October. I'm so proud of the story Maria and I wrote, and I hope you love it.