Monday, November 10, 2014

Book deal!

I am so very happy to be able to share the excellent news that I have sold my debut novel, Roses and Rot, in a two-book deal to Joe Monti at Saga Press.

Here is the announcement:

For Saga Press, Simon & Schuster’s science fiction/fantasy imprint, Joe Monti signed Kat Howard to a two-book, world rights deal. Brianne Johnson at Writers House represented Howard, whom Saga described as a protégé of bestselling author Neil Gaiman. The first book in the deal, Roses and Rot, is Howard’s debut novel—she’s published a number of short stories—and, the publisher said, recalls Donna Tartt’s The Secret History. The novel follows a woman who, after being given the chance to attend a prestigious artists’ retreat with her sister, “is faced with the struggle of what to sacrifice for success and family in order to escape her past.”

It's a book with two sisters at its heart, and I wrote it for my own sister, and I just really could not be happier about this. I am so grateful to my fabulous agent, Brianne Johnson, to Joe, to Maria Dahvana Headley and Megan Kurashige, who read Roses and Rot when it was the absolute worst hot mess of a draft and helped me make it good, and of course to Neil for his support as well.

I can't wait for all of you to read it.


  1. This makes me so happy.

    Congratulations, Kat. You earned this several times over. <3

  2. EMEGHERD!!!!! **doin'g da Snoopy Happy Dance for you** ...Bravo! :)