Sunday, April 3, 2016

A few things, recently loved

Some short fiction:

This great story from Sarah McCarry, "Nights in the Forest." It is a sharp-edged knife of a story.This is also my regular reminder that Sarah is a brilliant writer of all things, and you should read all of her books, beginning with All Our Pretty Songs.

Ken Liu's recently published collection, The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories. Truly one of the best collections I've ever read - the stories, already great on their own, are placed in dialogue here, and become something even greater.

Helen Oyeyemi's collection, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours. I'm currently reading this. It's interlocking stories, full of keys. All of the marvelous weirdness of her work distilled, and I am loving it.

Some non-fiction:

Adrienne Mayor's The Amazons. Another that I'm currently reading - smart history, thorough research, and presented in a way that's engaging and entertaining, without oversimplifying things.

Jessa Crispin's The Creative Tarot. I'm very much a beginner when it comes to learning about the tarot, but I picked this up because I love process books - books where artists of any sort talk about creativity. I'm finding this fascinating.