Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Release day

When I think of beginning my writing career, I think of leaving for Clarion in the summer of 2008. I lived in Minneapolis at the time, and I was (and am) afraid of flying. So my dear friend Dot helped me drive to and from San Diego. I remember her husband dropping her off, and helping us load everything into my Volkswagen Beetle, and then handing me a fancy and elaborate plastic water gun - the traditional weapon of choice of Clarion students.

I remember feeling so loved, and so lucky.

My book, Roses and Rot, is officially out in the world today. I feel the same.

I have heard from so many people today - some people that I know, who have called and emailed and texted with love and congratulations. My parents sent flowers. Some of you have sent congratulations on twitter - posted pictures with my book! Proof that it is an actual thing, out in the world, and I am overcome with delight that people would take the time to do this. I appreciate it, so much.

And also today, my friend Dot sent a picture - her adorable son, standing in front of a set of shelves at a bookstore, pointing up. To my book.

I feel so loved, and so lucky. 

Writing is one of those weird things that you do it by yourself - it is, at the end of the day, just me and the pen and the notebook - but I don't feel like I could do it well on my own. Friends, family, readers - you are my help and support. Thank you for getting me to this day, and thank you for celebrating it with me.